New baby!

So, in other news. We have a new baby in the family! Unfortunately it’s not me who has recently became a new mom again it’s my older sister. 

Baby Willow Louise is now 3 weeks old and is an absolute dream! 

I have 2 sisters and between us we have 8 beautiful babies on earth and 1 little angel. 

I’m not sure any of us are quite done yet, I often wonder what the final count will be. 

Here she is… K x



I am sorry Its been a while since ive posted, have been unwell and life got in the way.

Today, i had been talking to my mom about when my three were younger. i miss having little ones around i really do. im not sure if its because i always wanted one more or because theyve grown so much over the past year. my eldest is 10years old in february and my middle also turns 9 years old 9days before. it sounds so much older than it feels.

As they grow up the girls seem to be growing apart. This makes me sad, i wish they could be as close as they were 3+ years ago. i am sure its just a phase they will go through every now and again while they find their feet in their little lives and develop new interests and find themselves that bit more. i just hope i get to capture more sibling love on camrea over the years. Kx