Summer is here!

So, it’s the start of the summer holidays here for us. But it’s also been the end of an era. My middle child, youngest daughter has just finished her last year of first school. (Where we live we have a 3 tier system, first school is up to 9 years old, middle school until you are 12 and high school until you are 16, then you can choose where to continue further education.) Come September I will have 2 children in middle school and even though I am only just 30, this makes me feel so old! I’m just not ready for all the growing up that happens in middle school! So much more independence. Which is great for them as young ladies but something I am not ready for as their mother!

On the last day of the school year I attended Hallies leavers assembly. I wasn’t expecting the emotions that came with it. The year before when Laila left, she was fine. Happy to be moving on. Hallie cried her little heart out. She is a child who is rather self aware and tends to put on a ‘I don’t care front. Really she is probably my most emotional child. So I should have been mentally prepared for the upset. 

By the end of the day she came out of school happy and ready for 6 weeks of family time and fun.

Hopefully lots of dry days are on their way so we can spend lots of time outside. 

Hope all of your little ones enjoy their summer. K x

Hallie, on her first day of school and her last day of first school. 


Laila’s so proud of herself!.. As she should be!

Today started off rather pants, Just seems like everyone I met was out to irritate the he’ll out of me. 

All changed after school when my eldest daughter came home super excited shaking a letter in my face. She’s been chosen to represent the school in a swimming gala and been told she’s one of the strongest swimmers in her year group. Her face was such a picture i could feel myself filling with tears of pride. As I’ve spoken about before, Laila has dyspraxia and she finds so many things a struggle. Especially when it comes to sports. I am so happy that she’s been recognised for her efforts because she has very weak muscles and gets alot of pain in her legs and back, in some ways it’s harder for her than others an she’s like me, one of the kids that never gets picked for anything, until today!! I just had to tell you all how excited we are!! 


Get better soon buddy..

Today all plans have gone out the window. 2.30am a sickness bug came over our home and struck down Marley. To be fair its only his second sickness bug in his 6.5 years on this planet so on the scale of things weve been lucky. 

As we all know, with sickness comes a 48hour restiction. For Marley this means no christmas dinner and no party day. And we may have to give the christmas fayre a miss tonight too.

For me this means i now only have 1 child free morning to finish christmas shopping, wrapping, a food shop and all the other day to day stuff before i head to work and then on the school run for the end of term and the hyperactiveness, bickering and fighting starts with just small moments of peace and quiet breaking up the day. 

Need to get list writing and new plan making ready for when my boy is back on his feet. 

Get better soon buddy. 


Summer holidays have arrived!!…

Ive found that since my eldest started school the days seem long but the years so short. Even more so now they are all in school. Yesterday marked a big day in our house, my eldest, Laila finished year 4 which means she is off to middle school in september. Where we live we have a three tier school system, so school years 5-8 they go to a new school before high school. I have friends whos children are in the usual 2tier school system and they have said they think the middle school sees them grow up quicker and be more independant. Which is fine if they are ready. Im not sure Laila is. But she is excited to move on and start this next chapter. 

First, we get 6 weeks off for the summer break. Even though i still have work (boo!) We are determind to really enjoy our time together as a family and with our friends. We go on holiday with my mom and sister on monday and the girls have a friend each for a sleepover tonight. Earlier today Marley got some boy time with his cousin, who is just 16weeks younger so they are the best of friends too. Halliehad a birthday party which meant that me and Laila got 2 hours on our own together. Which is so rare. It was lovely to reconnect 1:1. It is something i am going to have to work out a plan of how i can do this with each of them more often! Hoping and determind to make lots of happy memories this summer. What do you guys have planned? Kx