Summer holidays are the best!

I am so lucky, I now only work during term time. So I get to have 5 whole weeks off with my 3 little rascals!

We are a little over half way in and we have had some lovely days. We have been to some workshops that have been either free or rather cheap at local places. Today was pirate Lego making. 

I took Marley and my nephew, Cole along with my partner and his son. They are all similar ages so was a good boys day which promoted working as a team as well as individual little projects. The boys all seemed to really enjoy it! 

We have also been to messy play workshops where the children have potato printed onto material and then turned the material into little bags! Such a sweet idea. 

It’s been so nice to see the older girls enjoy the little things and being creative and silly again. School really does seem to have an effect on them which makes them act older than their years. Now I feel like I have children again instead of mini teenagers, I definatly have to keep on top of the activities that keep them creative and young. 



New baby!

So, in other news. We have a new baby in the family! Unfortunately it’s not me who has recently became a new mom again it’s my older sister. 

Baby Willow Louise is now 3 weeks old and is an absolute dream! 

I have 2 sisters and between us we have 8 beautiful babies on earth and 1 little angel. 

I’m not sure any of us are quite done yet, I often wonder what the final count will be. 

Here she is… K x

Red nose day fun!

So, today is red nose day and at school and work all the children have been getting in the spirit and raising money.

Now the girls are getting that bit older they aren’t quite as keen to go all out with the silliness, at least until they have seen a few friends doing it too. Was a red top, tights and lippy for Laila. Hallie and Marleys school did a ‘do something funny for money’ day, Marley went as WWE superstar, Ryback. Hallie wore odd socks and odd shoes.

There were boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys, underwear on top of clothes and pants on heads! It’s great to see the ones who really get into a theme. 

I work in a private nursery, we had babies to pre-schoolers dressed in red, faces painted while making red arts and crafts and decorating biscuits and cupcakes to take home.  

I have no doubt that lots of money has been raised all over the country for comic relief today!!! Kx

Laila’s so proud of herself!.. As she should be!

Today started off rather pants, Just seems like everyone I met was out to irritate the he’ll out of me. 

All changed after school when my eldest daughter came home super excited shaking a letter in my face. She’s been chosen to represent the school in a swimming gala and been told she’s one of the strongest swimmers in her year group. Her face was such a picture i could feel myself filling with tears of pride. As I’ve spoken about before, Laila has dyspraxia and she finds so many things a struggle. Especially when it comes to sports. I am so happy that she’s been recognised for her efforts because she has very weak muscles and gets alot of pain in her legs and back, in some ways it’s harder for her than others an she’s like me, one of the kids that never gets picked for anything, until today!! I just had to tell you all how excited we are!! 


Laila turned 10!!..

A couple of days ago my first born had her 10th birthday! 

We went out for breakfast with most of the family, all her cousins were there and we took her bestie with us too. When we got home we started to set up for her little tea party. She went for a emoji theme and had a few friends over. They played make overs, card games and well there was a lot of selfie taking and giggling going on. Before we knew it her friends had gone home and we were blowing up balloons and singing happy birthday with a emoji cake with family all over again. Was a lovely day.

She had a lot of birthday money so we had a shopping day. Just the 2 of us. We went into lots of girlie shops and brought lots of bits and bobs. Was nice for me that even though we were buying make up, lush bathbombs, earrings and most of claires accessories, She really enjoyed going to build a bear and having so much choice of what to get. Was nice to see that she still enjoys being a little girl too.  

Happy birthday baby girl. Kx

Laila has been diagnosed..

My daughter Laila turns 10 years old this month. When she was 5 we noticed her toe on her right foot wasnt growing straight and was causing her pain. Cutting a few years down abit, weve been told that it will be operated on once her feet stop growing. Because of the pain, Laila was sent to physio. By our second visit with a senior physio at birmingham childrens hospital, she had started to ask more questions about Laila. She has always been clumsy, unorganised/messy, kind of lazy, and abit ditsy, we say shes like a little disney princess in her own little bubble. She will take instructions quite literally. For example, if i asked her to tidy up her desk, she would just tidy up her desk and move all the mess to her bed or on the floor. Shes never been sporty, throwing amd catching can be amusing at times, shes a very stiff runner and doesnt seem to have much spacial awareness.

The physio wrote to our doctors who reffered her imediatly to the peadiatric clinic, to assess Laila for dyspraxia. Dyspraxia? I had never heard of it before. I had been getting so frustrated with Laila for her ways, i mean she was heading to middle school and i still had to remind her to put clean socks on. I thought was Laziness not for a moment did i think she may have a coordinational problem. That is actually classed as an actual disability.

My first feeling was guilt. How had i not known or picked something up sooner? All the times i had told her off for something that was possibly out of her control. Then the thought, i made her wrong, passed through my head.. was i to blame for her to have these issues?

She has been to one occupational therapy appointment for an assmessment and then our next visit to the peadiactric clinic, we were told to expect the paperwork to confirm dyspraxia within a month. 

I had spoken to people who had to fight to get a diagnosis, yet after one assessment here we were. I felt so lucky i didnt have to fight to get her any help she needed. But i also felt sad, sad that she obviously was struggling more than i knew. She hides it well. Rarely complains. But im her mom, i should have known somehow. 

They do want to do some blood tests to see if there is also any underlying muscle problem. But for now, this is where we are. Laila has dyspraxia. And she is a happy little girl in her own disney princess bubble.


I think ive lost my mojo..

Ever have those weeks where you are just plodding through? Same shit different day type of weeks? I think that sums up january for me so far.

2 out of 3 of my children seem extra hypoactive and more defiant than ever before. I feel like im constantly running around tidying up after everyone, then i go to work and do the same and come home to do it some more. Now the sound on my telly has gone, so there goes any evening trashy telly for me. And with 3 birthdays coming up, my 2 girls and my mom, all within 2 weeks, weeks after christmas?.. well my evenings will be quiet for a while long to say the least.

I know exactly what i need to do, get a motovation shot from somewhere and maybe something to help me stress less. Though ive heard once youre a mom this no longer exsists.

Ive been in bed by 8.30 most nights for the past week and im still not bursting with energy. I tell myself you are 29 not 89, get your act together woman. Hoping one day soon i will drill it in and be more proactive. Can you be more proactive when it comes to housework and its either freezing or wet outside? 

Oh well, pay day is just around the corner. Maybe birthday/party preping will inject some excitement and emthusiasum back into me ready for the months ahead. Fingera crossed. Kx

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