Red nose day fun!

So, today is red nose day and at school and work all the children have been getting in the spirit and raising money.

Now the girls are getting that bit older they aren’t quite as keen to go all out with the silliness, at least until they have seen a few friends doing it too. Was a red top, tights and lippy for Laila. Hallie and Marleys school did a ‘do something funny for money’ day, Marley went as WWE superstar, Ryback. Hallie wore odd socks and odd shoes.

There were boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys, underwear on top of clothes and pants on heads! It’s great to see the ones who really get into a theme. 

I work in a private nursery, we had babies to pre-schoolers dressed in red, faces painted while making red arts and crafts and decorating biscuits and cupcakes to take home.  

I have no doubt that lots of money has been raised all over the country for comic relief today!!! Kx


Making a house a home..

Just lately i feel like i have grown in confidence. I am more confident in my own likes, wants, needs and style. Especially around our home. 

Recently we had a new sofa delivered and well, I seemed to find so much inspiration out of nowhere. I decided i wanted to move one of the old sofas into the far end of the kitchen to make a little snug space hoping to make the kitchen area more sociable. That meant i also needed a new kitchen table to fit else where in the roon. Still trying to be sensible of course, my mom and I went and had a look around a charity shop to see if i could find the type of things I was looking for. I found a table i liked and got it home ready to be painted up. I love the results.

I also picked up some other bits and bobs too.

Not sure where this happy sign will go yet but I really want it somewhere around the house. 

I have almost finished redoing my bedroom too. I will share with you soon.