So much to learn…

My little lovelies and I have had a busy 18months or so. I passed my level 3 supporting teaching and learning course, i finally passed my driving test (yay!) We have moved house, new job, new school… and just as things started to settle down i received a 2 lots of news regarding my daughter. She got her place at a middle school close by, our first choice of school luckily. But she is still so young minded and innocent, it fills me with a sense of dread that she has to move on to this next stage of life. It was also followed by news that she shows signs of dyspraxia. This fired up a whole new set of worrys as i know very little about it. Even as i research, every case is different and individual so it is hard to find out what i can expect. We are now waiting upon a ocupational therapy appointment. I am egar to learn more on how i can help her, especially with the transition of the move to middle school in september. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Kx


Trying to find the perfect balance.

Hi all. I am Kelly, 29, mommy to daughters Laila and Hallie and a son, Marley. I am a divorced, single parent, working part time. Trying to find the balance between being mommy, being sister, aunt, daughter, friend, working and trying to find some time for me too. Sound familiar?!
I am an over thinker and i find myself constantly analyzing my parenting and all of my other relationships.
I love being a mom, i believe it is what i was put on this earth to be and i am determind to be the best i can be.
I am also on abit of a journey to self discovery, i am sure all parents can relate to loosing part of themselves during this crazy parenting jouney, right? Kx