I think ive lost my mojo..

Ever have those weeks where you are just plodding through? Same shit different day type of weeks? I think that sums up january for me so far.

2 out of 3 of my children seem extra hypoactive and more defiant than ever before. I feel like im constantly running around tidying up after everyone, then i go to work and do the same and come home to do it some more. Now the sound on my telly has gone, so there goes any evening trashy telly for me. And with 3 birthdays coming up, my 2 girls and my mom, all within 2 weeks, weeks after christmas?.. well my evenings will be quiet for a while long to say the least.

I know exactly what i need to do, get a motovation shot from somewhere and maybe something to help me stress less. Though ive heard once youre a mom this no longer exsists.

Ive been in bed by 8.30 most nights for the past week and im still not bursting with energy. I tell myself you are 29 not 89, get your act together woman. Hoping one day soon i will drill it in and be more proactive. Can you be more proactive when it comes to housework and its either freezing or wet outside? 

Oh well, pay day is just around the corner. Maybe birthday/party preping will inject some excitement and emthusiasum back into me ready for the months ahead. Fingera crossed. Kx

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