Happy friday..

Marley is now well on the mend, back to his boisturous self but still iff his food. But last night decided it was now Lailas turn to be unwell, followed by this morning deciding its my turn. 

Horrible being ill when you really want to get up and about making the most of the day. I have the feeling most of today will be spent watching movies snuggled up on the sofa with the sick bucket at hand. Hopefully will all be over with by christmas.

Hope you are all well and have a happy friday. Kx


Making a house a home..

Just lately i feel like i have grown in confidence. I am more confident in my own likes, wants, needs and style. Especially around our home. 

Recently we had a new sofa delivered and well, I seemed to find so much inspiration out of nowhere. I decided i wanted to move one of the old sofas into the far end of the kitchen to make a little snug space hoping to make the kitchen area more sociable. That meant i also needed a new kitchen table to fit else where in the roon. Still trying to be sensible of course, my mom and I went and had a look around a charity shop to see if i could find the type of things I was looking for. I found a table i liked and got it home ready to be painted up. I love the results.

I also picked up some other bits and bobs too.

Not sure where this happy sign will go yet but I really want it somewhere around the house. 

I have almost finished redoing my bedroom too. I will share with you soon. 


You never know what or who is just around the corner…

I have been a single mom for what feels like forever. More often than not i am fine with that. I have just wanted to put my all into being a mom. Which in theory is what we should all do, but i completely lost myself and had nothing in my life for just me, as an adult, as Kelly. I didnt really notice this until Marley went to school and i was left all alone. 

Since then i have mad more of an effort to make some changes. I passed my driving test and got my first car. Move house and made sure i put money aside for my room to look pretty too. I went to college and passed a level 3 supporting teaching and learning course. I got myself a little part time job, in a nursery as lunch cover and for now is term time only… cant get much better than that as a single mom of 3 who feels guilty for everything i do or dont do. 

As soon as i started to feel more content with life again, I met someone special. I have found a whole new level of happiness that i thought was just for the beautiful people you see in movies. 

I am looking forward to all the wonderful things to come, aswell as having the odd moan and rant. 

Feeling happy and content in life is wprth more than all the money in the world. 


Get better soon buddy..

Today all plans have gone out the window. 2.30am a sickness bug came over our home and struck down Marley. To be fair its only his second sickness bug in his 6.5 years on this planet so on the scale of things weve been lucky. 

As we all know, with sickness comes a 48hour restiction. For Marley this means no christmas dinner and no party day. And we may have to give the christmas fayre a miss tonight too.

For me this means i now only have 1 child free morning to finish christmas shopping, wrapping, a food shop and all the other day to day stuff before i head to work and then on the school run for the end of term and the hyperactiveness, bickering and fighting starts with just small moments of peace and quiet breaking up the day. 

Need to get list writing and new plan making ready for when my boy is back on his feet. 

Get better soon buddy. 



I am sorry Its been a while since ive posted, have been unwell and life got in the way.

Today, i had been talking to my mom about when my three were younger. i miss having little ones around i really do. im not sure if its because i always wanted one more or because theyve grown so much over the past year. my eldest is 10years old in february and my middle also turns 9 years old 9days before. it sounds so much older than it feels.

As they grow up the girls seem to be growing apart. This makes me sad, i wish they could be as close as they were 3+ years ago. i am sure its just a phase they will go through every now and again while they find their feet in their little lives and develop new interests and find themselves that bit more. i just hope i get to capture more sibling love on camrea over the years. Kx