Wow! Really??

Totally have failed at parenting today it would seem, it all started at 7.30 when I was getting the kiddies their breakfast, pretty much everyday, Laila wants cereal, Hallie wants weetabix and Marley porridge and fruit pureè. Well who had forgot to buy the right types of fruit for the pureè? That would be me. Well my 6year old starts having a tantrum like a 2year old and refuses to eat anything else. After 20minutes or so he gives up and eats what hes given (barely warm by now) then upstairs to get ready for school and the all hell breaks loose again!! This time I am ruining his day by making him put clean boxers on! I mean how dare i, right? This toddler tantrum lasts for 1 whole hour! Yes, a hour long of moaning and complaining over boxers! Pretty much drag him to school and oh whos this?! Sweet, innocent, lovely Marley has arrived in class ready and egar to learn. I couldn’t believe the switch. Little sod! When 3 oclock came, I was still unsure if i wanted the drama queen back! Im not 100% sure if we have fully forgiven each other yet. Haha. Kx


Stranger danger!!

  1. Leading up to bedtime last night, the same as every night, i told Marley to go upstairs and choose a story. He chose one of his topsy and tim books. No surprise there then! The book we were going to read was Topsy and Tim meet the police. In the story they talk about strangers and ask ‘what is a stranger?’ So i paused and asked Marley what he thinks the answer would be. After covering this topic a number of times at home and at school, i thought he would know the answer. He did, he said its someone you dont know. But, He then went on to describe what a stranger would look like… they wear stripy tops and black hats… like a robber!, he said. I was really quite surprised that between myself and his teachers we hadn’t made it clear what exactly a stranger is and how it is infact everybody you don’t know. Even the Lady at number 29! It just goes to show that sometimes we have to ask our children more questions to check that the information we are giving them has really sunk in! Kx

So much to learn…

My little lovelies and I have had a busy 18months or so. I passed my level 3 supporting teaching and learning course, i finally passed my driving test (yay!) We have moved house, new job, new school… and just as things started to settle down i received a 2 lots of news regarding my daughter. She got her place at a middle school close by, our first choice of school luckily. But she is still so young minded and innocent, it fills me with a sense of dread that she has to move on to this next stage of life. It was also followed by news that she shows signs of dyspraxia. This fired up a whole new set of worrys as i know very little about it. Even as i research, every case is different and individual so it is hard to find out what i can expect. We are now waiting upon a ocupational therapy appointment. I am egar to learn more on how i can help her, especially with the transition of the move to middle school in september. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Kx

Trying to find the perfect balance.

Hi all. I am Kelly, 29, mommy to daughters Laila and Hallie and a son, Marley. I am a divorced, single parent, working part time. Trying to find the balance between being mommy, being sister, aunt, daughter, friend, working and trying to find some time for me too. Sound familiar?!
I am an over thinker and i find myself constantly analyzing my parenting and all of my other relationships.
I love being a mom, i believe it is what i was put on this earth to be and i am determind to be the best i can be.
I am also on abit of a journey to self discovery, i am sure all parents can relate to loosing part of themselves during this crazy parenting jouney, right? Kx